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Support Us

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Making an offering of our financial resources is an integral part of what it means to be a Christian. We have a variety ways to make it easy for you to support our church.

  • Number one (1), pray for your parish, and for the best way to use your financial resources. 

  • Evaluate your monthly offering, your church contributions, your housing, your taxes, food and clothing, transportation, entertainment.  Financial support is very important to your church. It is much more that simply fulfilling the idea of tithing 10% of your monthly earning. Our parish rely on the parishioners to cover operational expenses, salaries, supplies, maintenance, and other financial obligations. These are at high costs and financial support is very much needed. 

  • Other means of support -- Consider making an estate gift to your parish, or income from your stock, 401K, real estate property. Other types of gifts may also be appropriate.

  • Commit to your percentage and give regularly to the parish offering.


  • Volunteer to help with maintenance and repair around the church. Volunteer to teach or assist in religious education classes. Volunteer to help in the parish office.

  • You can offer your support by using your God-given gifts. Join a ministry, such the choir, become an usher, a lector, Eucharistic Minister, Sacritan. You might see the need or have an idea for a new ministry in our parish, or an event that will generate more funds for our parish. It is just what we need!

  • Participate and/or attend our parish events/activities. Invite family and friends.

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